Special Services

Director of Special Services:
Dr. Amy Meredith, Ed.D.
School Psychologist:
Jacquie Crescenzo
330-927-7461 ext. 5106
Speech-Language Pathologist:
Abby Milano
330-927-7461 ext. 5104
Special Services Administrative Assistant:
Laura Ciamacco
330-927-7414 Phone
330-927-7405 Fax

Child Find Annual Notice:

School districts throughout Ohio are participating in an effort to identify, locate and evaluate all children with disabilities, birth through 21 years of age. For children up to age 2, a disability means that a child has an established condition known to result in delay or documented developmental delay in one or more of the following areas: adaptive behavior, cognition, communication, physical development, sensory development and/or social and emotional development.

For children ages 3-21, a disability means a person being identified as having one or more of the following conditions such as autism, developmental delay, intellectual disability, hearing impairment; multiple disability, orthopedic, emotional disturbance, other health impairment, specific learning disability, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment, deaf-blindness, and/or speech or language impairment.

If a need is identified, the child can begin receiving the appropriate special education and related services. Free assessments are available to families to determine whether a disability exists. Please contact the Office of Special Services, 330-927-7413 for further information.