Summer School Options

Summer School Options

So that your student does not fall behind his/her peers, we encourage students who have failed a CORE class (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) to take time over the summer to complete the course and recover the needed credit.  Summer school is typically four (4) hours a day and last approximately three (3) weeks.  More information forthcoming.

Wayne County Schools Career Center Summer School Program
Satisfactory completion (earning an A, B, or C grade) of a 15-session course will earn 1 credit; satisfactory completion (earning an A, B, or C grade) of an 8-session courses will earn 1/2 credit (exception: Physical Education earns 1/4 credit). All students must report at 8:00 a.m. the first day of class for Orientation. Students may complete coursework on- or offsite, and complete all assessments on-site. Once the course is complete, students can opt to start another course at no additional cost and complete it during the upcoming school year.

NO GRADE, NO CREDIT, and NO REFUND for students who do not complete the course successfully. IEP accommodations are per school calendar and not available in Summer School.

For students seeking to secure initial credit for a class, you will need to explore summer school options and seek approval from the Rittman High School prior to signing up for the class.  If you have questions, please contact Ms. Humes at 330-927-7140.

Treca Educational Solutions Summer School Program
Please remember, you need to seek approval from Rittman High School prior to signing up for the class!